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Antiracism intervention reduces disparities in timely lung cancer surgery

08 April 2022

The racial gap in timely surgery between Black and white patients with early-stage lung cancer improved after an antiracism intervention, according to study results published in Journal of Clinical Oncology.

Diversifying Clinical Research to Improve Health Equity

08 April 2022

An important and often overlooked mechanism to improve health equity is making clinical research more inclusive to ensure that potential improvements are realized across all population groups.

Mortality Disparity by Race and Ethnicity Among Patients With Breast Cancer

08 April 2022

Are there racial and ethnic disparities in the association of Medicaid expansion with survival among patients with de novo stage IV breast cancer?

Recruitment of Women from Diverse Backgrounds is Key to Success

31 March 2022

The TMIST trial is more than halfway to its recruiting goal of 128,905 participants with more than 20 percent of participants in the US being Black.

Patients are at the heart of changing social determinants of health

31 March 2022

Population health management (PHM) can be confusing at times, with many different definitions put forth in the liter­ature. Upon closer inspection, the differences in the various descriptions really reflect differences in emphasis in the components of population health.

Improving Access for Women

31 March 2022

A Florida nonprofit connects women to medical and social services to help them overcome barriers to care.

Rural Outreach

31 March 2022

How can radiologists work to improve access to imaging services in rural America?

Mediators of Racial Disparity in the Use of Prostate MRI Among Patients With Prostate Cancer

31 March 2022

This study suggests that efforts to address racial disparity in the use of prostate MRI should address upstream factors, including socioeconomic status, geographic variation in practice, and structural racism.

CT colonography screening and health equity with Cecelia Brewington - MD - FACR

10 March 2022

Cecelia Brewington, MD, FACR, discusses how CT colonography screening allows greater access to colorectal cancer screening in underserved communities.

The Radiology Community Celebrates Black History Month - 2022

25 February 2022

Jade Anderson, MD, American Medical Association Section Council on Radiology Member Representative to the Radiology Health Equity Coalition, contributed this piece.  Today, we honor the contributions of Black and African Americans across various facets of society, including business, law, government, arts, sciences — along with radiology — and more.

Safety Net Hospitals Address Barriers to High-Quality Care

21 February 2022

The RSNA is working to promote diverse representation across the profession and within its leadership. Radiologists at safety net institutions face obstacles at all stages of imaging as they care for patients.

Racial and Health Equity - Concrete STEPS for Health Systems

11 February 2022

AMA Steps Forward Module: Racial and Health Equity: Concrete STEPS for Health Systems. Translate Your Commitment to Racial and Health Equity Into Action in Your Health System

Maternal Health Disparities

20 January 2022

Maternal health, defined as women's health during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postnatal period, is a crisis in America.

JACR January 2022 Special Edition - Health Equity

13 January 2022

In the January 2022 special edition of the JACR we explore topics on Health Services Research and Policy, Clinical Practice Management, Data Science & Training and Education.

Dr. Derek West, Emory University, and the Radiology Health Equity Coalition

11 January 2022

Dr. Derek West, Emory University, and the Radiology Health Equity Coalition