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Explore resources to help achieve equity in your practice.

How to Play a Crucial Role in Health Equity

16 January 2024

The January 2024 ACR Bulletin discusses how Physicians can transform their approach to advancing healthcare through teaching and building new bonds, says one radiologist who has done just that.

Improving Imaging of Gender-Diverse Patients

24 October 2023

ARRS is collaborating with the Radiology Health Equity Coalition (RHEC) to curate and disseminate trusted resources and best practices for improving access and utilization of preventive and diagnostic imaging.

Radiology Health Equity Symposium | Advancing Clinical Research Diversity and Representation

11 October 2023

Experts across disciplines will share evidence-informed and actionable approaches to increase inclusivity in clinical trials, registries and screening programs.

Radiology Health Equity Coalition Community of Practice - Breast Cancer Disparities

11 October 2023

Radiology Health Equity Coalition Community of Practice - Approaches to Mitigating Breast Cancer Disparities using Community Health Workers/Patient Navigators

Radiology Health Equity Coalition Community of Practice - Disparities in Uterine Fibroid Treatment - On Demand

31 July 2023

Watch Pratik Shukla, MD, Interventional Radiologist at Rutgers University discuss his research and service projects surrounding poor access to healthcare for the underserved population, particularly concerning access to uterine fibroid embolization (UFE).

2023 Lung Screening Day - Register Now

22 May 2023

Registration Open - On Saturday, November 11,2023 join the American Cancer Society, National Lung Cancer Roundtable (NLCRT), the American College of Radiology® (ACR®) and the Radiology Healthy Equity Coalition (RHEC) and participate in the second annual National Lung Cancer Screening Day.

APDR Healthcare Disparities Curriculum

17 May 2023

The goal of this sustainable, accessible curriculum is to provide radiologists and trainees with educational tools so that they can better understand and address health care disparities.

The Tunnel of Truth Podcast

09 November 2022

Storytelling creates connection and builds mutual understanding. In the Tunnel of Truth podcast, Dr. Rachel Gerson joins physicians of diverse backgrounds as they reveal their personal experiences, challenges and triumphs along their professional journey in Radiology and as they reflect on the implications of these experiences for patients and the profession.

Study Finds Racial Disparities in Access to New Mammography Technology

13 October 2022

Among the Medicare population from 2005 to 2020, Black women had less access to new mammography technology compared with white women, even when getting their mammograms at the same institution, according to a study of over 4 million claims published in Radiology.

Webinar Series Breaking Imaging Barriers

14 July 2022

Webinar Series:  Breaking Imaging Barriers - A Collaborative Approach to Advancing Health Equity in Medical Imaging

Welcoming Spaces - Treating Your LGBTQ-Plus Patient

11 April 2022

The National LGBT Cancer Network is proud to launch Welcoming Spaces: Treating Your LGBTQ+ Patient, our updated and expanded LGBTQ+ Cultural Humility training designed specifically for healthcare professionals.

Racial and Health Equity - Concrete STEPS for Health Systems

11 February 2022

AMA Steps Forward Module: Racial and Health Equity: Concrete STEPS for Health Systems. Translate Your Commitment to Racial and Health Equity Into Action in Your Health System

Maternal Health Disparities

20 January 2022

Maternal health, defined as women's health during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postnatal period, is a crisis in America.

Radiology's Role in Overcoming Health Disparities for Children

02 November 2021

This article, and corresponding video, explores causes of health inequity for children and provides examples of small and large changes that radiologists can make or be a part of to break down barriers to care.

ACR Health Equity Infographic

29 October 2021

What’s the difference between health inequality, health equality, and health equity? A visual representation of access to lung cancer screening explains each term.